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Getting back to the quote "metal detecting... what a cheap hobby"

When looking at how much you need to spend to get started here are some of my thoughts.

You can buy a brand new metal detector with good capabilities from $500 - $1500, the upper range ones having more bells and whistles and possibly added depth. I started with a White's Classic IDX think I spent about $500 at the time. It was a good machine with simple controls. Lots of manufacturers have good machines in this price range so do your research! I still own this and have it as my spare machine. Next you will need some digging tools, small hand gardeners digging tool, a sand scoop for the beach. Gloves and bugs spray along with water are also some items to bring along. You will also have battery cost. Under $100 should get you these items.


And last thing you need is time and patience, do lots of research and open your eyes you might find a non metallic item in your diggings, also always look for stuff as you walk. I found an 1800's beer bottle the other day just laying on the surface.

Not too bad about $600 to get you up and going with hours of enjoyment and maybe the chance at finding treasure.


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